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IG-Editior Add Return Button

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Example I have a Menu and it has the basic Settings:
Page 1:
- Play.
- Bonus Has 1 Page inside.
- Chapters and the Chapters has 4 Page inside.

Then when you open example, Bonus it will make the other page open.
If you open Chapters page it makes first page open onto the chapters.

But then I have a problem how can I input the Command into BDScenarist then when Bonus is open and I click onto the Left Button (Left Arrow Button) it will return to the Main page.
This problem I have with Chapters also, but I want to add if you example after 3 chapters go down then it goes to Chapter page 2.
How Can I do this, please help.
My Menu is made with DVDLogic Editor and has 0 Warnings.

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