UHD CMF total size question.

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UHD CMF total size question.

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Total size calculator in KITe JAVA was green, reporting 97,680,958,392 for a 3L100, 97-100%
Exported out to KITE to create a CMF and got the error message
E 15:22:04 The disc has errors that cannot be ignored. Total size of files exceeds media capacity.
Total size of files placed in output exceeds media capacity.

Placed the BDMV/CERT folders in ImgBurn and it agrees with KITe JAVA reporting @ 97% on a TL disc.

Anyone else being caught out and have figured out the "safe" number in KITe JAVA size window?
I've just started a 2 day re-encode shaving 3 GB off the size, I know that will be too much but it will be a safe bet as the clock is ticking on this project.

Many thanks

Alexey Kolesnikov
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Re: UHD CMF total size question.

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Total size in KITe Java is just an estimation. It is approximately. The only way to get the actual size is to multiplex it.
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Alexey Kolesnikov

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